Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the minute mark

To my love, my future wife and the future mother of our feos, our one year anniversary is just a few hours away. It's amazing that for 4 years everyday I would think about you and imagine all The things I would love to share with you and now its been a year of doing all those things WOW :). From meeting eachothers family and taking fun trips to drinking beer and eating Yummy food and loving one another everyday through thick and thin. I know most couples go all out this one day a year and although this day is extremely special to us so is everyday that we have one another and this love God has put in our hearts. I love You My Baby, My soulmate, the perfect brown skin woman, mi fea more than everything in this world. I LOVE you not less but God more. So instead of going all out this one day, I promise to go all out everyday for the rest of our lives unless I'm sick like I am today because then I'm useless and I'm more than likely going to need you to baby me :). Tonight we'll eat nuggets and drink a beer, because that's what we love, right on the very spot we stood 5 years ago and A year ago when you asked me out :). I love You chula. En un barco de papel yo volvere por ti mi amor, mi primer y unico amor por siempre y para siempre
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

the perks

Today was ridiculously awesome! Your tio Alex came over this weekend while your Tia Jo went to long beach to visit her awesome sister carmen. Your mum and I sang in the church chior for a quince and a wedding which was incredible then we went to watch planet of the apes. Kick ass movie! Followed by dinner at dennys. We had an al green sing along on the way home which was amazing :). There is nothing in existence better than having this kind of love. A love that you can feel deep in your soul a love that keeps you smiling everyday ofyour life a love that can heal you from anything, a love that makes you love EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE in a real, honest, peaceful, neverending way. A love that gives you goosebumps in a great way. A love that leaves you astonished everyday of your life. A love that fills you with appreciation and compassion. Love that teaches you patients and gives you all the gifts your heart desires. A love that rids you of the vein and unnecessary. A love that leaves you not wanting or needing anything more. This love is not ours. God has lent us this love and me must do all that we can to show Him that we appreciate His love and Love Him as much as we humanly can. By the way kids not all of the things we blog about will be directed towards y'all Aight and ask us about random stories you read here, I want to see if I remember a lot of details. For some reason your grandma and grandpa remember every detail in their stories like everyones last names (ex."a Si, me acuerdo que marcos vasques el hijo de doña elena estaba alli"). Test us. Goodnight feos. Loooove you
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh kids

Your dad is a dork. which is why I love him :)

Domingo De Fiesta

As I wrote the title out for this blog post I giggled a very happy giggle because of the fact that I know your mum and I will NOT have white washed kids and you'll be able to read this title without a problem, along with "ciera la puerta rene" (I'm sure youve heard that story before), lol. I know the last time I blogged I starting telling you about your mum and I and our story but ill continue on that later when the first of you turns 18 he he. The reason I came here today is to tell you that It's okay to not know everything, in fact I'm here to tell you that we know nothing. God is so huge that our little imperfect human minds can't even understand .00069% of what goes on and that's okay because what we do understand is beautiful. Your mum and I may not always have all the answers but we know and strongly trust that G-Love is always with us and helps us through it all. I don't know you yet kids but I already love YOU and I think about you at least once a day. Every little bit of wisdom G-Love gives me I try and remember it so I can apply it in our relationship or share it with you guys so that we could be awesome parents and friends and So that you feos can be as awesome as us (ppsssshh YEAH). Oh and its totally okay to make mistakes :). In fact I've made a ton of them and I continue to do so but its okay, the important thing is to not make the same mistake twice and to learn from every one of them and be better after it. I LOVE YOUR MOM, I had to throw that in there. By the way your mum is attending college to be an English teacher :) HOT! and I just graduated from a pharmaceutical sciences course ;) in which your pa was valedictorian which means I gave the speech :). Your uncle Beito Janet just got married on the 30th of July which was awesome and your tio Alex and Jo with no E got engaged in Paris on the Eifel tower on the 27th of July. BEAUTIFUL! well kids Im done pooping and It's starting to kinda dry up lol. I love you guys. God bless you amazings who are still little angels. Muah. OH! Rock the bells is this month! Do you know what that means??? L-boogie, E Bahdu, blu, Murs, BLACKSTAR!, Common. It's going to be amazing! We will take photos we promise! Never mind I wiped my butt and washed my hands.......... let's chat lol just kidding. Late!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

A week of trials

We must always be thankful, faithful and trusting in our Creator. Especially in hard times. These are times of trial and tests. Our problems are blessings in disguise. Real freedom is giving your life to God, letting go of all worries and handing them to Him to make what He wants of them. It will surely be what's best for you.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

boy meets the love of his life

Miss ditash already covered most of how we met but before I continue on that, I want to tell a little of the first time I saw my future wife. It was the summer of 05 I believe and I was standing by the amphitheater at the high school with a mutual friend of ours when she walked by with another mutual friend. As soon as I saw her my soul felt this deep happiness that I couldn't shake, and never did and I would feel it every time I saw her. After asking my friend a few questions I found out I wouldn't see her at school again cause she was from out of town or so I thought. That day I came home and couldn't stop thinking about her and the way my heart and soul felt as I watched her walk away into the cafeteria for what I thought was for good. Summer was over and it was the first day of school when I walked in and saw her cute little smile, short hair and her beautiful brown skin. Orange sweater tight jeans and vans. I wanted so bad to meet her and talk to her, my whole body could feel that she was for me and this was before we ever exchanged a single word. I played it cool though and patiently waited until we met through our friends which wasn't until a few days later. I failed to mention that the first time I say my love she was wearing tight jeans, vans, a black band T and pig tails with little bows in her hair (she claims to have started this he he). I don't remember when we properly met all I recall is that somehow we started talking and proved my feelings right. She was hilarious and wise and had the coolest taste in everything and not to say that I'm cool or anything but it was like talking to myself!! Like she mentioned we had bf/gf at the time but still we would talk every lunch about the coolest nonsense. I was in love with her already. We broke it off with the kids we were dating and then came the amazing cd she made me. It had one song on it!!! It was hombres G "te quiero". Everything about this cd just blew my mind! She put just one song on a cd!!! Not only did she do that but at the same time showed me music I had never heard before that was RAD and on top of that she was telling me how she felt about me through a song! (If she ever tries to tell you she isn't romantic, bite her please) okay wait I totally skipped a piece. So she gives me a cd which I'm dying to hear and luckily a friend of ours had a disc man (kids by the time you read this a disc man will be in a museum as artifact of early technology) so I popped the cd in and heard it. Like the fact that we dug the same everything and made eachother happy the way nobody else could wasn't enough she goes and makes this single song mixtape the way I would have thought to make one.......... its late and she's text me a few times now. I don't want to keep her waiting any longer. I'll continue tomorrow, promise. By the way, we're deeply insanely in love. It's almost been 8 months now.
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